• Where do you get your products?

    We get all of our baby formulas from a German-based company specializing in organic products from the EU.

  • Since the product information is in German, how will I know how to prepare the formula?

    When you click on the product you are purchasing in our shop, you will find directions for preparation at the bottom of the product page.

  • What are the days of the week my order will be processed?

    All orders will be processed Monday thru Saturday, and shipped priority mail. You can save shipping fees by ordering $100.00 worth of formula and shipping will be free.

  • Are your products irradiated?

    Infant formulas are not subject to irradiation because it does not belong to such category that needs to be controlled strictly. Imported items such as spices, produce, poultry, fruits, and etc. are currently being irradiated.

  • How many servings are in one box?

    Holle Organic Infant Stage 1 can make approximately 90oz of mixed formula. Holle Lebenstwert Stage 1, Holle Lebenstwert Stage 2, Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 2 can make approximately 136oz of mixed baby formula.

  • What makes these formulas better than the ones made in US?

    These cows are not treated with hormones/antibiotics and live a carefree life which aids in healthier milk production. Holle does not contain harmful ingredients found in most brands of baby formula in the US. It does not contain added fluoride, corn/rice syrup, chemical additives, GMOs, added sugars, DHA/ARA, preservatives, added colors and soya.

  • What’s the best way to store the formula? And how long will it last once it’s been opened?

    BBO recommends to store the formula in an air-tight container. These formulas do not contain preservatives, so if exposed to the air, it may become rancid quicker than some formulas. The formula will stay fresh in an air-tight container for 2 weeks.

  • Can I use stage 1 for the entire year of babies life?

    Yes, but if you are noticing that your baby is getting hungrier, then switching to the next stage could help meet your growing babies needs.