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Why Baby Blu?

Baby Blu Organics is proud to offer high quality European organic baby formula direct from Holle and Lebenswert. All milk used in Holle formula comes from happy cows raised on strictly biodynamic and natural farms. Established in 1933, the Holle Company produces organic infant formula free from any chemical or production preservatives. Holle products are non-GMO, preservative free, chemical-free and made under the highest European quality control.

Lebenswert bio organic baby formula is a product line made by the Holle Company. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in any of Lebenswert’s raw ingredients. German Bioland certified organic farmers guarantee that only biodynamic or chemical-free products are used in all Holle products. Holle and Lebenswert use milk produced in organic farms in south Germany for their natural baby formula. This ensures the best quality, taste, and nutrition for growing babies.

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  • Hillary Smith
    Hillary SmithJun 1, 2016
    I thought my baby had a milk allergy because she would projectile vomit after every formula I tried. Whether it was organic made with brown rice syrup...none of them worked. Then I stumbled upon Baby Blu and thought I should try Holle since was familiar with the quality of European Organic verses American organic. I tried one box, no vomit and a happier disposition. I just bought 5 boxes and couldn't happier. Holle is a must for babies who have sensitive tummies.
  • Anna K.
    Anna K.Mar 30, 2016
    Everybody knows the breast is best. But sometimes it’s not enough. My baby was underweight because she decided to come 3 weeks early, and I had to go to work 3 months later. Holle formula helped satisfy my baby while lowering my stress to be a great mom. Plus when I compared the ingredients of U.S. organic formula to Holle, I realized it was no accident that my baby was digesting and sleeping better. Try Holle for finicky, colicky babies or fragile babies who are having a tough time digesting formula.
  • Valerie
    ValerieMar 11, 2016
    I have a 3 month old who has had a tough time keeping US store brand baby formula in his tummy. After ordering Holle 1 from Baby Blu, he is able to keep it down! Not only that his temperament seems much more calm since his belly is full! Thank you Baby Blu!
  • Denise S.
    Denise S.Apr 11, 2016
    Finally a product that my baby girl can tolerate! Like many Moms I am not able to stay at home. With my demanding job, I actually had to go back to work in 6 weeks. On top of that I just wasn’t producing enough milk on my own. Any Mom reading this will understand the distress you feel when you can’t provide for your baby. I found it so frustrating that the market is flooded with products made of poor quality. Finding a high quality baby formula is the most important thing a parent can do when breast milk is not an option. I felt terrible giving Sofia formula and seeing her colicky. I am grateful to a girlfriend of mine that introduced me to Baby Blu Organics. I felt connected to the owner when I read her story and how she felt about typical formula which is loaded with sugar and corn syrup. As I read more and learned there was no hormones, antibiotics, additives or GMOs - I was sold. These are the standards I hold for myself as I eat a clean, green, plant-based diet. I want the same high standards for Sofia. And I finally found it. My only fear was - would she actually like it!!! Ordering was easy and the product arrived promptly. And to my very pleasant surprise…..SHE LOVED IT!!! My heart is happy knowing I am doing all I can for her. She is the light of my life and I want to give her the best nutrition. Thanks Baby Blu Organics!!!!
  • Zoe Rehberg
    Zoe RehbergAug 8, 2016
    When I started searching for baby formulas after exclusively breast-feeding I was so disappointed with what I found generally available until I found Baby Blu organics. The high standard of quality product Baby Blu delivers sets my mind at ease knowing I am giving my baby the next best thing that nourishes her with quality ingredients and she has had a seamless transition! In addition I am so thankful for the wonderful customer service, always getting our package promptly and with great care!
  • Teresa V.
    Teresa V.Apr 2, 2016
    I don't always take the time to leave a review, but Baby Blu Organics offers the best formula. As they promote, it is far superior to any US organic brand since it is really organic. I am not able to produce enough milk and supplementing with formula is necessary. I tried several brands sold in the US and my son was fussy and didn't take to it too well. I decided to research further and it was then that I came across this company. Not sure what to think about ordering food from overseas I contacted the company with questions. The customer service was excellent and very prompt and thorough at answering any questions I had before committing to my first purchase. My son will drink this formula and I find that he is much less fussy. The price is not bad at all and I am even able to purchase discounted formula since I am ok to have it arrive without a package. I love that the owner is from the US and understands customer service and providing a quality product at fair prices. The formula arrives to me quickly and I have never had any issues. Being a mom I don't have a ton of free time so ordering from Baby Blu Organics is always seamless and easy which I find an added bonus to the superior quality product. I highly recommend this product.